The Problem

Less than 1% of the water on Earth is usable for humans in its current form leaving 1.2 billion people without sufficient clean water on a daily basis. By 2030, experts predict there will be a 40% shortage of water globally if we exploit all known current methods and technologies.

Fifty percent of the cost of purifying or desalinating water is attributable to energy which is largely provided from fossil fuel sources.

Yet, enough solar energy reaches the planet every hour to power humanities’ needs for a year. It is time we use it in an optimal manner.

Rwell operates at the nexus of water and energy to provide clean water and clean energy smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Our Solution

Rwell is the first software platform to offer officials, communities, and governments the best options for delivering clean water powered by clean energy.


Rwell is the only system to aggregate engineering expertise in water and solar industries simultaneously – powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


By consolidating all phases of water purification projects – engineering, permitting, financing, and procurement – into one system, project timelines drop from over 6 months to a few days.


Rwell reduces engineering budgets from 33% to 5% and slashes the water cost per person by 168X.


Now anyone can navigate the complexities of water purification in any community, from California to Cameroon.

How it Works

Sign Up

Leaders and officials need a water system and sign up with Rwell. They start by entering basic information about the community, project site and overall water needs.


Take a Water Sample

Rwell sends a water sample collection kit with all return postage and packaging included for the return of the sample provided. Rwell completes a standard series of tests on the water and enters results into a central database accessible by community leaders.

Plan, Finance and Procure

Rwell determines the optimal water treatment and micro-grid electrical system, suggests top pre-approved financing sources, and electronically generates all required permits. Community leaders seamlessly step through procurement processes with all supporting documentation and easy-to-understand checklists.

Purchase orders and contracts are generated automatically.



“The newness of the Water-Energy Nexus can be presented as the argument for creating a new narrative around joint management and resource planning. Effective warehousing and dissemination of this knowledge would also need to be a central element of these new partnerships.
Dr. Zafar Adeel PhDCivil and Environmental Engineering Director, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health


Rob Farmer

Business Development

Robert began his career working for a startup digital agency in the DC metro area where he led operational functions in finance and marketing. Most recently, Robert worked as an investment and capital markets associate in the Office of the CFO at mortgage giant Freddie Mac. He has experience in mortgage trading, relationship development as well as capital management and risk analysis.

John Thomas

Founder and CEO

John is unique in that he has experience at all levels at Fortune 500 companies in addition to earning several stripes in the startup community.

John worked his way up in the “Big-3” automotive industry with 16 years in product & production engineering at General Motors Fisher Body and Ford Powertrain followed by 13 years of increased responsibility at major Tier 1 automotive suppliers and OEMs such as GKN, Collins & Aikman and Magna Steyr before moving to Tesla Motors where he was selected to be the first Head of the Model S program and General Manager of its Michigan and future factory operations.

John holds Bachelors’ Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University in addition to an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. He also has certifications in Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.

John Toner

Government Relations

John led programs for the UN monitoring systems related to aid effectiveness and education.

He accumulated 9 years of international field experience monitoring and improving  international social & economic development programs funded by the UN and affiliated sources.